Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Supermarket Saturday. Sunday is my Favorite Day.

Our Saturday routine is Sensory Gym, School and Supermarkets.

Sensory Gym for The Boy.
School for The Husband. 
And Supermarkets for me.  

Watching The Boy work with the OT, I can't even worry about the financial burden.  I mean, I do because it's EXPENSIVE but the OT is amazing.  And The Boy NEEDS it.  Especially because The Boy's school still does not have an assigned OT.  Please don't even get me started on this.  Tomorrow is October 3rd and I'm getting a little annoyed.  Because the Board of Ed folks will tell you "If it's mandated on the IEP then the services need to be provided..." blah blah blah.  But what the Board of Ed says and what they actually do are two completely different things.  Like I said, don't get me started...

After Sensory Gym, it's off to Westchester for food shopping.  Why do we drive from The Bronx twenty minutes away to Westchester for groceries.  Well, a certain supermarket chain has a pretty great selection of healthy foods and snacks at reasonable prices.  The Boy gets to push his own cart too and pick his own snacks.  Too bad he can't pay for it...

But after we get home and I unpack the groceries, I wheel my shopping cart back out with The Boy to go to the neighborhood supermarket.  Because the organic supermarket doesn't carry the essentials of a Puerto Rican kitchen: pillow sacks of rice (I prefer Canilla) and Goya beans.When we're finished, I make The Boy push our shopping cart the three blocks back to our building.  I ignore the looks from other mother's, shaking their heads at me for making a 5 year old push a cart filled with groceries - they don't know about "heavy work."

This morning, we woke up at 6:45.  It's a crisp Sunday morning, I wrapped in soft blankets, I can smell the chill in the air.  It's what I love best about Fall.  The Boy must like it too because he bounced into our bed after turning on the light and said "Rise and Shine.  It's my favorite day!"  I asked The Boy what day is today.  To which he replied, "Monday!"

Yeah...not so sure about that one.  I told him it was Sunday.  And that Sunday was my favorite day.  Especially a Sunday like today.  My laundry is almost finished.  I ran all my errands yesterday so if I don't want to leave the apartment, I don't have to.  And I get to spend today doing only the things I want to do.

What's your favorite day of the week?

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