Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'll Walk To The Sensory Gym If Needed

On Friday night, I was almost tempted to cancel our session at the Sensory Gym.  I was tired and privately paying for therapy is starting to catch up with us.  But then I found The Boy in the bathtub, fully dressed with half a bottle of Johnson's soap poured all over him.  So yeah, cancelling was no longer an option. 

Since The Husband had class, I had to take The Boy on my own.  Which means not 1, not 2 but 3 buses to get there.   When The Boy and I left in the morning it was raining,  a little light drizzle but I decided to run back upstairs to get an umbrella.  The result: missing the 1st of our 3 buses.

Someone once told me that sensory gym doesn't do anything academically for The Boy, it just makes him a more well rounded person.  NOT TRUE!  The Boy is so much more focused.  So if it takes 3 buses in the rain, sleet or snow to get there - I go.  I'll walk if I have to - because I know that an hour in the gym makes a huge difference.  See for yourself ~

The Boy in the swing, engaged in listening therapy
In another swing, getting a little massage.  Notice the dim lights.  With the music.

After 15 minutes of the swinging and a brush massage (I watch with envy, wish someone would give me a brush message to help me relax).  It's time for the rock wall.

"To infinity and beyond!"

After doing this a few times, The Boy is ready to write.  

The Boy with the OT - drawing a boat

The OT's boat is on top.  The Boy copy of a boat.  His is right under.  GOOD JOB!

When we left the sensory gym - it was snowing.  And I was happy The Husband was picking us up. 

View from the car. The Boy told me it was "Christmas time!"

After the sensory gym, we have lunch at our favorite neighborhood restaurant where The Boy loves the Horchata. 

Just another day in our city!  

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