Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where Oh Where Did October Go?

It's October 23rd and we have yet to pick an apple or a pumpkin.   

At this point, we probably won't.   Come to think of it, we haven't done anything that screams fall family fun.  (Like go to the Great Pumpkin Blaze.) I feel bad about this.  I hate feeling as if I'm not doing enough for The Boy.  But it's been a tough month for all of us. Even our poor Betty Blue Subaru has taken a beating. 

Oct 2010: The Great Pumpkin Blaze
Fall 2010 HHG class trip
Fall 2010 HHG class trip

This morning I told The Husband that we need to buy The Boy a Halloween costume. 

"Why?  We have 2 more weeks," The Husband says.

"Um no.  We don't.  It's next Monday."

So we set off in search of one. Arriving at Store #1, The Boy said "Yes!  I love Halloween!"


Inside Store #1 was a MAD HOUSE.  And the process was dramatic.  Wait on a line.  Then pick out your costume from the wall.  Then wait for someone to bring it out.  The line wrapped around to the next aisle.  Navigating the crowded  store with The Boy was difficult.  Especially with bins of candy EVERYWHERE. 

Store #2 was not at all crowded.  But The Husband didn't approve of the costumes.  He sort of takes this Halloween stuff seriously.  So we left to Store #3.  On the way to Store #3 The Husband says, "Hey Babe, did you know the McRib is back?"  The Husband and I discuss the big issues.

Store #3 was a success!  Now The Boy has a cool costume - one that The Husband is extremely proud of.  (You'll see those photos next Sunday.)  

This is the first year, The Boy seems to be really excited about Halloween.   When he saw the plastic pumpkins in Store #3, he said "We need to find the perfect pumpkin!" 

At this point, we won't have the time to go and pick the perfect pumpkin but there's nothing stopping me from just going to the supermarket to buy one.

And there's one more weekend left in October.  I will make it up to him.

Tonight we'll read his favorite Halloween books (Good Night Goon and Happy Halloween Little Critter) at bedtime.  Maybe we'll even watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  

I tell myself that it's not always about where we go or what we do - so long as we are together.  
The Boy waiting patiently for  lunch
What's a Sunday like in your City?  My Sundays are pretty boring lately - but the folks over here seem to know how to have a good time.  Unknown Mami's Sundays In My City.              

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