Monday, October 31, 2011

Boy Meets Pumpkin

All month long The Husband had been bugging me about carving a pumpkin.  I bought stickers and last week The Husband and The Boy decorated the pumpkin together.  Halloween isn't really my thing.  So I figured sticking stickers on a pumpkin would be enough.  Yeah...not really.   

This year is the first year that The Boy is excited about it.  He gets it. On Friday I asked what Monday was and he said "Halloween!" with the biggest grin.  (Although Saturday's snow storm confused him and told us it was Christmas.)  So The Boy knows he will get dressed up, go from door to door begging for candy that I will probably not let him eat (because let's be for real, The Boy does NOT  need any candy). 

While taking pics of The Boy with his pumpkin, The Husband told me that he had never carved a pumpkin before.  And I realized why carving a pumpkin meant so much.  I guess it's true what they say, we really do live out a second childhood with our children.  :) 

Um...You want me to do what?



All Done! 

Don't know what to do with your pumpkin seeds?  Check out this post by Nicole Presley of Presley's Pantry (wish I would have seen it yesterday, I threw out the seeds).   
What To Do With Pumpkin Seeds? Make spicy curry pumpkin-seeds or halloween maracas for all to hear. 

What do you do with your pumpkin seeds?  Let me know! 

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