Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{I'm Speaking at #Blogalicious5} Spreading a Message, Sharing a Mission: A Conversation About Awareness Blogging

For the last few years, I've heard great things about the Blogalicious Conference. And this year not only do I get to go, but I'm also speaking on a panel. I am so excited about this conference because it's an opportunity to connect with friends and to meet new bloggers.

I am especially excited to meet Maggie Mason (Mightygirl.com) - she's one of the Blogalicious All Star Keynote speakers. I just read her book, "No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog" and am so inspired. If you love blogging like I do - you'll want a copy of her book.

I'm nervous about leaving The Boy for a few days - I haven't left him since LATISM12 where I got stranded in Texas. But I'm so excited to be going to Atlanta - I've never been. And I'm really eager to learn more about blogging, writing and building my brand.

Will YOU be at Blogalicious 5 - if so, I would love to say HI!

So...yeah, back to I'm speaking on a panel. Here's the info - hope you can make it :)

Spreading a Message, Sharing a Mission: 
A Conversation About Awareness Blogging

Friday, October 4 • 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Blogging about difficult topics or heavy issues carries a unique set of considerations and approaches. This panel of experienced bloggers and cause brand representatives will cover techniques on how to draw and keep an audience while covering weighty issues on your media platforms. Discussion will include: 
  • The importance of tone and how you can vary it from post to post while still maintaining the seriousness of the issue; 
  • The power and importance of an authentic voice as the creator of your content; Making your content and delivery different from others who cover the same subject; 
  • Building awareness through networking on and off line; 
  • Developing partnerships that fit your brand and can help spread your message; and
  • Promoting your message on and off line.

For more panel information (including the other amazing female panel speakers): http://sched.co/143cdcz

To view full agenda: http://blogaliciousfive.sched.org

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