Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Stranded in Texas, My Heart is in New York #Hurricane Sandy

It's been rough couple of days - the mom guilt is kicking in full force. I think I've cried all over Texas. I want to be with The Boy right now. And I can't. I am stranded in Houston, TX. My flights have been cancelled...

And I'm glued to CNN watching the news.

There is so much I want to say about the excitement of LATISM'12. How happy I am to have won an award. How grateful I am for everyone's inspired I feel by being surrounded by so many amazing Latinos.

But right now - I just can't. I'm thinking of my family and friends in New York and all over the east coast. Stay safe. I'm praying for you and love you. If it's one thing I love about my city is how resilient we are. How we have the ability to come together in moments of crisis. We will be okay. We can get through this.

Please STAY SAFE. Stay where you are. Stay off the roads. Listen to the instructions of the Mayor and Governor.

Hopefully I will be home soon.

Thank you to all my friends in the blogging community - especially, Juan and Ariana (my new Houston friends) - your hospitality and generosity will never be forgotten.

There are a few I want to thank personally but I know you do not want to be thanked publicly. Please know, I am extremely moved by your words and support.

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