Friday, October 19, 2012

NYC Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2012

with Della Senior Year - 93

I met Della freshman year of high school. She was one of those girls that I admired: smart, pretty, popular. She was the kind of friend who could make you laugh and have your back. We remained friends until senior year. (In fact, she introduced me to one of my first boyfriends.) And after high school, we simply fell out of touch.

Facebook has reunited me with so many friends from high school, amazing, talented, successful women - including Della. And it's been great to connect and be a part of their lives. I feel lucky that Facebook has given me a second chance at friendship with the girls I grew up with.

They've been there for me when I've walked for autism. They've provided support, words or encouragement or simply a joke when I needed it. I hope I've been able to do the same.

But back to Della.

Over the last few years, I've read Della's status updates. On her good days, she shares something about her beautiful daughter Jazzy. Or she's enjoying her time with family friends. On her bad days, she's on her way to chemo or heading to the ER. And on those days, my heart aches because all I can provide are words of encouragement, love and support.

Rosa & Della
But words can't cure cancer. And Dellahas been fighting breast cancer for years. And it doesn't seem fair that someone so young, so beautiful, so smart should have to suffer so much.

On Sunday, October 21, there will be several walks all over New York for an organization called Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. And a group of high school friends are walking for Della. (Della's Dream Catchers are walking in Flushing Meadow Park - see below for details)

Nearly 20 years after high school, Della is still someone I admire. Not only for her beauty but for her courage, her will to keep fighting and her passion for life. She reminds every day that life is a gift. And I want to keep celebrating it with her for years to come.

To join Della's Dream Catchers Team please click - HERE

Sunday October 21
Registration opens at 8 am
Opening ceremonies begin at 9 am

Walk begins at 10 amFlushing Meadows Corona Park
111th Street between 54th & 55th Avenue, Queens, NY 11368
If you can't make the walk - PLEASE donate what you can. Every dollar counts.   

For walk information & to donate:

Queens Flushing Meadow Park - HERE
The Bronx - Orchard Beach click - HERE

Manhattan Central Park - HERE

Brooklyn Prospect Park - HERE

Making Strides Events page - click HERE
High School Girlfriends - Feb 2012

For more information about breast cancer, how to find it early, and how to join the fight to end the disease, visit or contact the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345 anytime, day or night.

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