Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Literal Thinker

I know that individuals with autism are literal thinkers, I honestly haven't given it much thought when it comes to The Boy.  Over the weekend, I caught the first glimpse on how he interprets language. 

Since The Boy is doing so well with the iPad, we figured it's a good time to start introducing Wii games.  We asked our friends from across the hall to lend us Babysitting Mama.  Since we've been trying to have a baby, I figured this game would be helpful. 

We put the game on and the menu screen came on.  The Boy read 'Babysitting Mama.'  He started to smiled.  "Press play!  Press Play!" He was excited!  
 The Boy pushed me down on the sofa and placed the baby in my lap.  I was confused.  And then it hit me! 

Baby sitting [on] mama.  Duh...

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