Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Know What's Nice?

A Thought.  When people come across an article, movie, book in some way relating to autism and they send it me.  This is happening more and more with Facebook friends, co-workers and classmates.  These are people who usually (a) have no kids or (b) have "typical" kids.  For many, we're their only link to Autism.  For many, the Boy is truly that 1 out of 250.   And I like to think that The Boy is broadening their view on autism.  The thought, makes me feel hopeful. 

I came across this article the other day - Queens Neighborhood (Bellrose) Says NO to Proposed Autism Group Home.  (check out a follow up article - here.)  I grew up in Queens.  To say, I'm disappointed doesn't quite cut it.  And I hope, that the people who think of our family when they think of autism, will welcome autism into their community if the opportunity arises. 

A Smile.  Yesterday morning, I had to take The Boy to sensory gym on the bus.  The Husband had a race.  (Did I mention he's training for the NY Marathon?)  Anyway, I encountered two of the  nicest people.  

The first woman was on the BX 9.  I was sitting across from the boy and he was mumbling about something while playing with his action figures.  I kept shushing him.  An older woman said "Let him be a child."  She scolded me with a smile and there was a twinkle in her eye.  I told her briefly about The Boy's BX 9 melt down earlier this week.  She then shushed me and smiled at The Boy.

Then while waiting for the BX 10, this elderly man moved over so that The Boy could sit and I could stand next to him.  The Elderly Man tried to engage The Boy by asking his age.  The Boy didn't answer, I did.  The Elderly man said nothing more.  But when we got up, he said, "Good luck to you both,"  and smiled.  This could have meant a number of things.  But the way he said it, the way he smiled and looked at me.  I don't meant something to me, it was sincere.

A Kind Word.  This week, I've received a lot of positive feedback regarding AutismWonderland.  And it's been validating.  Obviously, I write this for myself.  It's therapeutic.  And I enjoy writing.  But to have people say that what I'm writing is helpful - always makes me feel good.  I've learned that the best advice/information has come from other moms; I like providing that. And to have friends send me a text or an email or a word extending their support, encouragement; when strangers and friends share their autism experiences with me, well that makes me feel good too.

It makes me feel less alone and I feel like it's one step closer to neurodiverse society. 

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