Thursday, July 7, 2011

CLUE: The Autism Edition

What/who causes autism?

Me thinks it was Miss Scarlett (she was always my favorite one!) with the Lead Pipe (because lead just has a bad rap anyway) in the Billiard Room

I mean, isn't that what it's coming to these days.  Just this week I read three articles on the possible causes of autism.   

Fraternal twins with autism: Is risk in the womb?
BEWARE!  If twins run in your family or considering in vitro fertilization. 

Antidepressant use in pregnancy may raise autism risk 
Blame the mom (again). That's nice...a woman dealing with depression has one more thing to feel depressed/guilty about. 

New Study Implicates Environmental Factors in Autism 

This one is kind of my favorite.  Because if it's truly the environment - good luck trying to make changes.  I mean, there are still people who deny global warning.  Do you think they'd accept the link between the environment and autism?

Ultimately, I do NOT care what causes autism.  (And you all know, I could care even less about a cure.  4/4/11 post - A Cure? No Thanks, We'll Pass.)  Reading these articles is frustrating. Because I feel these articles do nothing accept promote more fear and guilt. 

Trust me, I can completely understand why some parents may want to know the cause.  But what will knowing change?  Knowing the cause of autism, isn't going to change the fact that The Boy has it. Knowing the cause isn't going to make our lives easier.  Knowing the cause isn't going to create programs, therapies or schools.  Especially when so many programs are losing funds and schools (Early Intervention) are closing and therapists are starting to pursue other career paths.  Knowing changes nothingSo instead of trying to solve the mystery, I'd much rather know more about what will help my child.          

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