Friday, August 9, 2013

He Said What?!

The Boy is notorious for swiping my iPad. He takes a ton of screen shots and then likes to delete my photos to make room for his. Not cool. So this week The Husband changed the passcode on my iPad. Then we watched with amusement as The Boy kept getting an error message. Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Then The Boy mumbled, "I think this needs to charge." And he goes to charge the iPad.   


The Boy likes to sleep in our bed. I know. I know. I know. I really try to put him to sleep in his bed (and most nights he does). But if he makes his way back into ours in the middle of the night - I just don't fight it. This Mami needs her sleep. Anyway, sometimes The Boy will be so tired, he'll put himself to bed. Earlier this week I found him at 7:30 pm all snuggled up in our bed. 

The Boy: "I'm tired. I want to go to sleep." 

Me: "Well why don't you go to sleep in your bed." 

The Boy: "I don't think so. My room's a mess."

(Then he requested I spray the pillows with Bath & Body Lavender pillow mist.)


Today is The Boy's last day of the extended school year. He has officially completed his first full year at his school. And I was feeling a bit emotional. The first day I put him on the bus last summer (on July 2, 2012) - it was such a big moment for me. It was the moment that I let go of a dream and embraced a new one.

His progress this year has been A M A Z I N G! He is a completely different kid. He's happy. He feels good about himself and his work. I can ask him about his day and he gives me little nuggets of information. He talks about things he learned at school - like the planets, the weather and recently fire safety. The Boy knows to Stop, Drop and Roll.

And when I told him this morning it was his last day of school and asked if he knew when he would go back. He said, "In September."

There are still many things he needs to work on. But The Boy is in a good place, with people who truly understand him

Taken this morning - it takes a few tries to get the "Money Shot" 
The Boy's last day of school for the year

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