Friday, August 23, 2013

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So in case you missed it...check out my Babble posts for August. From Back-to-school to Body Image 

August is Family Fun Month: 31 Ideas to Celebrate
Did you know there's a whole month dedicated to Family Fun? This post I'm sharing 31 easy ideas for families on any budget. Your kids will love them! (So will you.) 

I Only Have One Kid. Stop Asking When I’ll Have Another.
Asking a woman if they want or when they’ll have children is a completely invasive question and yet always on the table for discussion. It's not something that can be easily answered with a yes or no. And I wish people would stop asking me.

6 Ways I Wish I Were Like My Son with Autism
George Bernard Shaw said that "Youth is wasted on the young," but this does not apply to my 7-year-old son with autism. Raising a son with autism has taught me many things but there are still a few lessons I have yet to learn. How I wish I were more like him.

7 Back-to-School Essentials for Kids with Autism
It's almost time to send our kids back to school. And if you have a kid with autism, these items could make their school days a little bit easier. From tops to bottoms to a few things in-between, here are 7 items we cannot start our school year without.

Be Kind to Humankind Week
Aug 25 - 31 is Be Kind to Humankind Week. I am raising my 7-year old son with autism to be kind and compassionate. 10 ways I incorporate simple acts of kindness in our day-to-day lives. 

Think Like a Girl: A Lesson About Body Image and Self-Esteem 
Every day before walking out the door I take one last look in the mirror. And almost every day I find fault with my body and how I look. My husband of ten years, tells me I am beautiful (he’s a really good guy) and that I have a distorted sense of body image – like Pablo Picasso’s painting Girl Before a Mirror

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