Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Mother and Son Date in NYC

This week is The Boy's first official week of summer vacation and I took a few days off to spend some time with him. (And because summer is challenging to find childcare.) Thursday was a beautiful day so I decided that we would take the train into the City and go to the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

Talk about sensory overload! I can't remember seeing The Boy so excited. He was running and laughing. Just really really happy. It was tough for me to keep up with him. And next time I go, I'll want to go with The Husband. 

We had lunch. And then walked to the crosstown bus. The Boy spotted a playground and wanted to go in. We went in for a bit but it was a big (BIG) playground with too many blind spots. The kind of playground where I need a second set of eyes. So we left. And I had to bribe The Boy with ice cream because how else would I have gotten him out. 

And after his ice cream...he was happy again. 

Then we walked and walked and walked. All the way to 103rd street and Lexington Avenue. (From 85th and 5th) There was this bookstore I wanted to go to...La Casa Azul. 

After I purchased a few books, we took the 6 train back home. And then I took him back to the playground. 

We had a good day. But don't let these few pictures fool you. We had our share of challenges. I wish that I could say that we had this perfect Mother and Son day. That The Boy didn't have a meltdown (or two). That I didn't come home and cry. But that is for another post.

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