Thursday, February 28, 2013

Autistic Kids Are Awesome...Just Ask The People Who Love & Understand Them

Earlier this week, I read a post promoting an Autism Positivity flash blog carnival to raise awareness regarding autistic adultsInitiated by autistic blogger, Alyssa of “Yes, That Too” after the pro-autistic Facebook page Âû  (Autistic Union) shared disturbing Google search auto options forAutistics are and Autistics should. The carnival welcomes bloggers to share their stories of Autistics are and Autistic should ”[to change] search strings and the search results by way of putting good things out there.”
The post led me to search Autistic Kids Are and Autistic Kids Should and the results were equally disturbing.
Read the rest of this post on Babble Kid --> Autistic Kids Are Amazing. Autistic Kids Should Be Understood. I asked some autism moms to share some amazing things about their kids.

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