Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

Valentine's is a day of love and remembrance. Some memories are painful. We honor the loved ones no longer living. And embrace the ones who are. 

Our Valentine's was like any other day. The Husband and I went to work. The Boy went to school. And after work, I went to class and The Husband and The Boy picked me up. 

We got stuck in traffic. And The Boy puked in the back seat. So...that was fun. We came home, I threw the puke clothes in the wash and cleaned The Boy up and got him ready for bed. 

The Husband and I dined on chicken nuggets and chips. Because we're fancy. 

The Husband gave me a pair of running sneakers to go with the new workout pants he bought me...he's trying to give me a big hint.

And when I opened The Boy's school bag, I found this. My heart melted a little. 

Valentine's Day 2013

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