Saturday, February 2, 2013

Autism Awareness (jewelry) Collection by Magic Dog Studio

Back in November, my mom blogger pal, Jennifer Bunt, who writes Fasten Her Seatbelt shared her jewelry  collection and the inspiration behind it with me. She asked me to feature it for Small Business Saturday and I happily agreed. Except, I was in my last weeks of school and my professor was driving me loca with all the last minute assignments. (And okay, fine, I was a bit of a procrastinator and was scrambling around reading and writing papers.) But I'm sharing it now because Jennifer's collection really is beautiful and I think her jewelry makes for a great gift. (HINT: Valentine's Day and Mother's Day is coming up.)

Please read the inspiration behind Jennifer's Autism Awareness jewelry collection.   


The creation of the AutismAwareness Collection was inspired 
by my personal connection with Autism Spectrum Disorders,
 as well as my belief in giving back to the community. 

When our daughter was four years old, my husband 
and I were told Emma was on the Autism Spectrum - 
PDD-NOS to be exact. Since her diagnosis, we have worked 
hard to ensure Em could be the best that she can be. 
Em has an amazing team of people working with her and 
for her - each day I am amazed at the person she is: 
compassionate, artistic and incredibly intuitive. 

Many of my designs are inspired from Emma... 
my feelings, my hopes, my dreams for her. 

Each piece has been handcrafted in studio, from 100% 
recycled sterling silver - it's the ethical thing to do! - 
and features unique pieces designed to 'start a conversation'.

Although there is something for everyone in the Collection; 
The unisex 'Puzzle Disc' bracelet ($45), the 'Hammered Puzzle' pin 
($35) and more, the 'Build Your Own Awareness' Necklace 
has been very popular, as charms can be added over time. 
Charms start at $45 and range to $95. 

Each charm is unique 
and conveys a message using a combination of symbols, and 
initial charms can be added starting at $10. 

$10.00 from the purchase of each item from the Autism Awareness 
Collection will be donated to a participating non-profit of your choice. 
($5.00 on items costing less than $50.00)

Disclaimer: This is not a product review. I have not been compensated in any way by sharing this information.  

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