Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why I Will NOT Watch The #Oscars (and 8 Things I'll Be Doing Instead)

I love movies. And I love Hollywood gossip and glamour. But I just can't sit through the awards shows. I don't watch any of them. Not even The Oscars.

There are 2 two mains reasons why I will not watch The Oscars®:

I haven't seen any of the Oscar® picks (at least I don't think I have). I'm not even sure who's nominated. But I keep hearing something about Argo and Les Miserables. (I know who's in them...just haven't seen them. I mean, I just saw The Artist - last year's fave.) The Husband and I love movies. We have a pretty impressive DVD collection. But we don't actually go out to the movies. We so rarely have a night out together that going to a movie together is impossible. 

The last movie we saw together was The Hobbit - and we took a vacation day for a day date. And before that, the last movie I went to see was the last Twilight movie and I saw that on a Sunday morning by myself. And The Husband That's what going to the movies have come down to for us - the rare vacation day/day date and going to the movies solo.

I have no desire to watch people at a fabulous party. Because that's what I feel like The Oscars® is - a big fabulous party to which I am not invited. I mean if your next door neighbors were throwing a huge gala would you spend three to four hours staring out your window? Probably not. I guess that's why people have Oscar® viewing parties - so they feel like they are in on the action. But I'm not hosting people on a Sunday night when I have to work the next day and I'm certainly not going out on a Sunday night when I have to work the day so...

Why bother watching?

What will I be doing instead?

  1. Writing - I have lots of deadlines and exciting stuff coming up.
  2. Trying to get The Boy to go to sleep.
  3. Prepping for the week - folding clothes, getting The Boy's clothes together...
  4. Washing dishes - because there are always dishes to wash. 
  5. Washing my hair - it's a process
  6. Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter reading everyone's update.
  7. Contemplating whether I should tune in to watch after reading someone's update to see what they're talking about.
  8.  Asking The Husband for the remote control for 2 seconds so I could change the channel and watch a few minutes. Because ultimately, I'm a nosy neighbor and I can't resist just sneaking a peak. (He will most likely say no. And I'll be okay with it.)
Will you be watching? Have you see any of the picks?

And if you won't be watching and wondering what to do instead, may I suggest catching up on my Babble posts this week? (And even if you are watching ...there are always the commercial breaks and the categories no one really cares about.)

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