Friday, May 11, 2012

Snooze, Prudes & Fifty Shades of Grey

Sometime during the wee hours of the morning - The Boy jammed his big toe in my eye. Obviously I was sleeping.  He was sleeping.  Being jammed in the eye with a big toe is the kind of thing that wakes me up. Screaming.  Good Morning to me!    

At 5:15 my alarm goes off, but my eye still hurts.  So I hit snooze.  I hit snooze quite a few times.  I finally wake up at 6.   I should probably mention - I keep my alarm clock in the bathroom.  This is to prevent me from snoozing.  

Yesterday I posted a picture of a certain magazine cover.  It caused a bit of nasty on my FB page.  And one of my 'friends' called me a prude.  Me?!  A prude.  The 'friend' also went into full attack mode and called someone else an idiot. We don't all have to agree but I don't like insults. I don't delete much from my page but if you can't play nice, then there's no place for that nonsense on my page.  As for being a prude - please.  I don't care what any woman does with their boobies or how they choose to parent.  But don't you dare equate breast feeding to the quality of mother I am.  But I'll be addressing that magazine cover/article.  Tomorrow.

Speaking of prude...Yesterday The Husband tweeted this:
 - Is  just a modern day  or? And would the Mrs. read it?

Sorry babe, I absolutely have no interest in reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  I just can't bring myself to read it.  And it's not because it's labeled mommy porn.  I mean, I was reading Jackie Collins in the 4th grade.  And I love a good trash book - Peyton Place, Valley of the Dolls.  I've jumped on the bandwagon with Twilight and Hunger Games.  (And I love them!)  

But yesterday a coworker had a copy of Grey and after reading a paragraph - I put it down.  It was just bad.  Badly written.  I walked away from my coworkers desk.  

Twenty minutes later, my coworker came back.  Threw the book on my desk and said read that page.  And I did.  And I "flushed scarlet" and thought, now I get the hype.   

But I'm still not going to read it.  I'm standing my ground.  I'm going to be a total book snob and say, I'm not reading it because it's poorly written.  Because it really is.  

And as someone who writes.  As someone who wants to be published one day (but has been told, it will be more difficult for me to be published because I'm Latina).  As someone who has been writing a historical fiction novel for more than 6 years, I want to support good writing.  And I refuse to give that woman my hard earned money.

Ryan Gosling on the other hand is all about the mommy porn ;)            

And I'd get down and dirty with Ryan any day of the week. 

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