Sunday, May 20, 2012

AutismWonderland Goes to the White House (The First Ever Top Latina Blogger Retreat) #LATISM

Yes, that's right.  THE WHITE HOUSE!

This last week has been insane.  On Friday (5/18) marked 4 years since The Boy's autism diagnosis.  I have a post in draft about that...but with all the last minute preparations, I just couldn't get it done.  But it's coming.  

It's strange the things that can happen in 4 years.  4 years ago, I felt incredibly alone.  There was no one who could understand what I was going through.  In 4 years, I built an amazing community and support system.  And through this blog, I am helping some parents feel less alone.  That feels pretty amazing.  

But back to the White House.  Why am I going, you wonder? 

I was invited to be part of the very first Top Latina Blogger Retreat organized by Latinos in Social Media (LATISM).  And some invitations, a girl just can't turn down.  

Here's a snippet of the press release (to view the full press release visit Latinos in Social Media Latism Announces the First Ever Top Latina Blogger Retreat in Washington D.C.)

The First-Ever Top Latina Blogger Retreat is an exclusive, by-invitation-only event organized by Latinos in Social Media (LATISM), with the objective of empowering the top voices of the Latina community with the skills and connections they need to turn their blogs into social enterprises and tools for advocacy. The two-day event will include capacity-building and mentoring sessions with top executives from a variety of industries and causes as well as a LATISM-exclusive briefing at the White House. For more information about the First-Ever Latina Blogger Retreat, visit

Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) is a 501(c) 4 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community through technology innovation and social media. LATISM also helps to raise awareness among corporate brands, NGOs and government entities about using social media to reach Latinos. Our partnership initiatives include research, event sponsorships, and leadership training. A pioneering social media organization with over 150,000 members in its network, LATISM has been hailed as the most influential online movement in the new multicultural Web. To learn more about the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) organization, visit      

Sponsors and partners for this event include Johnson & Johnson, Univision, McDonald’s, Mary Kay, Southwest Airlines, Procter and Gamble, Comcast, Fleishman Hillard, Disney/Babble, Macys, Porter Novelli, and Consumer Reports. The event was organized in partnership with Latina Bloggers Connect. 

Check out who else is going (in no particular order):

Mirna Arce
Rachel Armas
Veronica Arreola
Caryn Bailey
Elisa Batista
Jeannette Kaplun
Elizabeth Cerezo
Jessie Nuez
Brenda Cisneros-Dewong
Yvonne Condes  //
Janice Correa
Marta Maria Darby
Luciana Gabriela Davidzon de Scher
Laura de Ona
Julie Diaz Asper
Melanie Edwards
Ana L. Flores
Monique Frausto
Teresa Garza
Dariela Cruz-Gillespie
Carolyn Gonzalez
Maura Hernandez
Eugenia Hurtado
Jennifer Hutcheson
Denisse Icaza
Nadia Jones
Roraima Lassanske
Tracy Lopez
Yolanda Machado
Adriana Maestas //
Yvette Marquez
Silvia Martinez
Yolanda Mason
Ruby Wright
Blanca Stella Mejia
Melyssa Mendoza
Raquel Negrón
Monica Olivera
Carmen Ordoñez
Monica Vila
Maegan Ortiz
Helena Osorio-Zavala
Maria Jose Ovalle
Chantilly Patiño
Angelica Perez
Mariana Perez
Carolina Pichardo
Lynn Ponder
Nicole Presley
Jeannette Quiñones
Lisa Quinones Fontanez
Flor de Maria Rivera
Migdalia Rivera
Vianney Rodriguez
Roxana Soto Romero
Ericka Sanchez
Mercedes Sanchez
Dania Santana Henriquez
Alejandra Suarez
Eliana Tardio Hurtado
Laura Tellado
Laura Termini
Maybelline Valenti
Carrie Ferguson Weir
Ruby Wright 

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