Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Do You Do When Your Child's Special Education Teacher/Aide is The Bully?

This is going to be a short post because I want you to go right to the video - it's about 15 minutes long.

NO PARENT should have to experience this.  And NO child - certainly NO SPECIAL NEEDS child should have to endure such humiliation and torment by a teacher or aide.  These are the people we trust will take care of our children. 
What kind of special education teacher/aide calls a 10 year old autistic boy a bastard? 
What kind of special education teacher/aide openly discusses drinking, parents and complaining about their husbands?

This New Jersey father, Stu Chaifetz, - so desperate to know what was going on with his son, Akian, sent him to school with a wire.  And what Stu discovered...was appalling and disgraceful.     

Watch the video.  Share it on Facebook and/or twitter.  Email it to friends and family.  And then - sign this petition --> http://www.hnva.net/teacherbully/

As a mother to an autistic child - Norrin cannot tell me about his day.  He cannot tell me when someone hurts him.  He does not have the capacity to speak up when he is wronged.  I am his voice.

And Stu, is Akian's voice.  Please listen.  

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