Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Would Do If I Had 24 Hours To Myself

It's Saturday morning and I'm drinking a cup of semi warm coffee, catching up on blog reading.  The Boy is in his room with the iPad.  

This morning I'm inspired by the Oxygen Mask Project and Alysia's Mary Poppins Game.  The game is easy.  Alysia writes:  
Let’s pretend that Mary Poppins floated down from the sky at 6am and said “I’m here to take care of your kids for 24 hours.  Go.  Do something for you.”

Just the thought of it, made me smile.  24 hours just for me?  How can I possibly resist the opportunity to let my imagination run incredibly wild.  I mean, I am so rarely alone.  The only time I'm truly alone is when I'm at work and I go to the bathroom.  That's pretty sad.

So if I had the next 24 all to myself, this is what I would do ~  

Before handing The Boy over to Mary Poppins (and it needs to be Julie Andrews Mary Poppins - hey, it's my fantasy and I want Julie), I'd ask her for a spoon full of sugar and special medicine.  Because last night, I turned the wrong way and seriously f**ked up my neck.  I pulled a muscle or something and haven't been able to sleep comfortably.  It hurts to move and I'm crabby.  I'm certain Mary Poppins has something in her big black bag for that.

After Mary's magic medicine and after she leaves with The Boy to do something cool like hop into a sidewalk picture or dance on roof tops, I go back to sleep. 

Because wouldn't it be lovely to go back to bed and wake up at my leisure on a Saturday morning?  

After I wake up - not too late, because I want to make the most of my 24 hours - I will take a long hot shower.  Not once will I have to pull the curtain back and call out to The Boy.  I can wash and condition my hair.  I can take my time to shave my legs - no razor cuts.  I can actually take time to do my hair instead of putting it up in sloppy ponytail.     

After my shower, I'll make a cup of coffee.  I'll finish my coffee while it's still warm.  At that point, I'll look around the apartment and may be tempted to clean something or start a load of laundry.  But the next 24 hours are just for me, so I'll say 'screw it.'

I'll head over to the neighborhood spa and get a massage.  Because I deserve a massage and some time to unwind.  After my massage, I'll get a manicure and a pedicure.  I can take my time, there's no need to rush.  

NOT me.

Feeling rejuvenated and fabulous, I take myself on a mini shopping spree and buy myself a pair of shoes.  Not a pair of sensible flats with the proper arch support.  No.  A pair of shoes that needs a reason to be worn - and we all know, the reasons are always few and far between.  Shoes impossible to run in.  Shoes that cannot be stepped on.  Something like...
these!  These will do just fine.  
Since I'm buying a new pair of shoes, I'll need a new dress (duh).  And in my 24 hour of alone time fantasy, I'm back to a size 6 - so finding something I love isn't an issue.

I'll come home and it's quiet.  I can sit on the sofa and eat a snack without a certain little boy snatching the food off my plate.  I can catch up on my shows like Glee or Revenge.  I can read a book - not an autism book but something absolutely meaningless, like that book every woman I know is talking about.  You know The Book I'm talking about?  Don't be coy.    

The Husband comes home and tells me he's made reservations to our favorite restaurant.  I waste no time getting ready.  It's been months since we had a romantic date night.

When we get to our favorite restaurant, we order a bottle of wine and I order the lobster macaroni and cheese - I am ecstatic to find out it's only 250 calories (again, this is my fantasy).  

 The view from our favorite restaurant*
The mac & cheese!! 
We order dessert.  Something rich, gooey and chocolatey.  (Sorry no pictures of dessert.)

We drive home...and well.  Need I get into those details?  Me thinks not.   

I am able to get ready for bed not really worrying if all 3 locks are locked.  But I will lock them anyway.  I will walk into The Boy's room, out of habit and wonder if he's having fun.  I will fall asleep in my own bed.  I will miss him but I will be sure to enjoy the last few hours of solitude.  And a guaranteed straight 7/5 hours of sleep.

If you had 24 hours all to yourself - what would you do? 

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  1. Wow..i love this post...if i had 24 hours all to myself....i would definitely sleep in...have like a two hour alll the dessert and snacks on the world and watch tv or a good movie, sleep, go shopping for me...get my hair and nails done...get together with my friends from hs...then go on a date and then go dancing with my hubby.....and enjoy a good sleep!!!


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