Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Expiration Date Required

My mother and I often have this argument about expirations.  I adhere to them, tossing food items out of my fridge and cabinets in disgust.  My mother believes throwing away anything - especially food - is a sin; the expiration date, she argues, is more of a "suggestion."   

So it shouldn't have surprised me that when I first started to express my concern about The Boy's development, my mother waved her hands - dismissing my concern.  "He's a boy." 

My concerns were validated months later after a series of evaluations.  The Boy was way off the milestone chart.  At two years old, he couldn't talk, point, clap, wave, imitate and had no imaginative play.  Developmentally, he was between six to nine months old.

Upon reading the twenty page evaluation of all the things The Boy couldn't do, I was devestated.  How could I have missed this?  Still my mother waved my concerns away.  "Norrin is fine," she insisted.  "You can't pay attention to those things.  He'll get the services and he'll be fine."

It's been almost three years since The Boy's diagnosis.  This morning he looked me in the eye and said, "I want something to eat." When I asked him what he wanted to eat, he answered, "How about cereal."  We can have a simple back and forth conversation.  The Boy also points, claps, waves and his imaginitive play skills are slowly starting to emerge.  And I no longer obsess over the milestone chart the way I used to. There is no more wondering if - only when.  There is no expiration date for achievement.  Only suggestions.* 

Food, however, is still a whole other story.

Is your baby on track? Early Intervention (birth to 3)  is imperative. If you suspect your child may have a developemental delay, talk to your peditrician immediately. 

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  1. Nice post! Very heartwarming. I am sure you will continue to see progress with Norrin.

    The expiration date argument with your mom made me smile as I have the same one with my wife. My wife is on your side, by the way. :)

  2. The agree with you ...I stuck closely to food expiration dates... That's not suggestion....Gross

    I know it's not good to compare kids but when their developments are nearly identical, it's hard not too. I look at Alex and see the amazing progress he has made in the last two years. Then I look at Aly and see Alex in her. I see the long road a head to get her to where she needs to be. That time frame may or may not be as long as Alex's but I know it's a bumpy one.

  3. I'm like that too always checking the fridge if it's expired straight to the trash especially with dairy, eggs, and fruit.

  4. just stumbled across your blog. :) greetings.

  5. I can relate to many of your feelings...I didn't recognize my sons' delays and other spectrum issues until he was 6 1/2. Thanks for your stories!


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