Sunday, January 6, 2013

plai Theatre | Performers Linked by Able Imaginations

When you have a child with special needs, it's tough to find affordable recreational programs. And for some special needs children, inclusion is difficult because they are often the exception. So when I heard about plai theatre (a non profit arts service organization), I was eager to learn more. We attended a workshop back in October and while The Boy had some challenges being in a new environment, the staff was patient and attentive. And what I really appreciated was the schedule they made to help the kids along.

plai stands for Performers Linked by Able Imaginations.  In this time of senseless violence, let's enable ourselves to create, rather than destroy, for in the act of artistic creation, a person is whole and sane.  plai theatre has a staff of professional artists, educators, and creative arts therapists to empower people who are developmentally, and/or cognitively, and/or physically challenged, by turning them on to their own creative gifts. plai theatre has already held some fun and tranformative workshops for children and for teens, and now  we're ready for more programming in 2013.
  • The Adult Ensemble, unlike any other in New York City, provides performance opportunities and socialization time for adults with special needs.  Will you help support that program?
  • Our Adolescent Ensemble will be bringing after school and weekend programming for adolescents between 13 - 24 with special needs a safe and welcoming place to socialize, use their imagination and speak their minds.  Will you help support this program?
  • Our one day workshops will bring fun theatre activities to families and children with special needs.  Ranging from themes of "Helping Hands", "Anger Monsters", and "Move through the Goo" - these workshops work to build relationships between family members and peers with special needs by using Theatre Professionals and Creative Arts Therapists.  Will you help support these workshops?

To register for an upcoming event register here - 

Disclosure: I am a member of the Board. All opinions are my own and receive no compensation.  

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