Thursday, January 31, 2013

Count on Me: Tales of Sisterhood & Fierce Friendships (Book Review & Twitter Party!)

Count on Me: Tales of Sisterhood and Fierce Friendships 
by Las Comadres Para Las Americas and Adriana V. Lopez
available for purchase at

Count On Me: Tales of Sisterhood and Fierce Friendships is a collection of personal essays from Latina authors - including Esperanza Santiago, Sofia Quintero and Daisy Martinez - and with an introduction by  Nora de Hoyos Comstock (President & CEO of Las Comadres Para Las Americas). An anthology of poignant childhood stories, memories of mothers and tributes to loved ones, it is a celebration of individuals who have influenced and shaped the lives of the writers, and their stories will inspire yours. There is something in Count On Me for everyone and it is for anyone who has ever cherished a friendship.

Reading Count On Me reminded me of my mother and Madrina's friendship and the significance their relationship had on my life. I knew that if I got in trouble with one, I was in trouble with the other. But I am grateful to have received the love of two mothers. From an early age I knew that what they had was special.  They taught me the value of friendship. And they helped me recognize the true friendships in my life.    

Count On Me is also the inspiration behind Latinas for Latino Literature 2nd Twitter party. And I am excited to announce that Nora de Hoyos Comstock and Alexandra Landeros will be joining us! (Last month Latinas for Latino Literature was launched and we kicked off our first blog hop and Twitter Party. And earlier this month, we created our Facebook Page: Latinas for Latino Literature.)

The Details for the Twitter Party

Date: Monday, February 4 

9 pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 6pm PST

Hosts: @LaliQuin @LatinMami @VivianaHurtado @CarlaMolinaM @LBConnect

With Special Guests: @UndercoverMexi @LasComadresBook

Hashtags: #LatinoLit #LasComadres 

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