Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sometimes You'll Get Knocked Down

Last week - completely knocked me out.  And I feel angry, frustrated, anxious, bitter, depressed, guilty, emotionally bruised and beaten down. 

Because how can any parent not get emotional when it comes to their kid? 

There is so much going on right on.  And I can't keep it together long enough to write a post.  Truth be told, it's been hard for me to write for the last few months. 

But this week, is especially hard.

I'm having a hard time recovering from last week's knock  down.

This week, I'm trying to catch my breath.  I'm trying to stand straight on shaky knees.  I'm trying to clear my head.

Because getting knocked down, doesn't mean giving up.  It means having another chance to get up and make things right.

1 comment:

  1. Lisa, hang in there. Sending you positive thoughts and energy. You are a strong woman and a wonderful role model. Do not give up.


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