Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day in The Bronx

We had a low key Father's Day.  We went for brunch at a local Bronx restaurant - Bruckner Bar & Grill.  Located in the South Bronx and part of an emerging artists neighborhood of loft apartments, quaint bars and cafes - I am always impressed by the charm of the place whenever I walk in.  Truly a Bronx original.      

We got there at quarter to 11, so we sat outside and waited for a few.  

They're in deep conversation...

His 2nd top tooth fell out this morning!
We just can't eat out at any ol place.  It needs to be planned.  We typically like to get to places early, when they are least likely to be crowded.  And we always make sure we have enough things to keep The Boy occupied.

And when he looks like he's ready to go.  We get and go.  Whether we're done eating or not.  

After brunch, we went shopping.  And that was it.  

We came home and I did laundry.  

Nothing exciting but we were together.  

How did you spend your Father's Day?  

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