Sunday, November 27, 2011

Procrastination Sucks (Sundays in My City)

It happens every semester around this time.  With three weeks left, papers, presentations & short stories are due - and I've fallen horribly behind.  This semester more than ever.  The 2 graduate classes I've been taking are kicking my butt.  Trying to juggle school, work, laundry & all the stuff going on with The Boy - well,  it's tough.   

I am not Super Woman. I am Procrastination Woman. 

So on this beautiful November Sunday, I have kicked The Husband and The Boy out of the apartment.  I have a presentation paper that I need to email my amazing, talented and wonderfully understanding professor by tomorrow morning.  

I've had this paper written in my head for weeks.  And (in my head) it's brilliant!  Let's just hope I can put the brilliance on paper.     

Wish me luck!       

ancient mac and all my reference books

Unknown Mami 
What's a Sunday like in your City?   

Unknown Mami wants to know!  

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