Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fragments (My First Time 11/18/11)

This is my first time, so please be gentle with me.

My first Friday Fragment, that is.  What were you thinking? 

Sometimes dealing with the Dept of Education makes me feel like a single girl again - desperately searching for The One.  

You may remember the routine. Getting dressed up. Going out to the bar/club with your girlfriends.  When suddenly an amazing looking guy smiles at you and buys you a drink.  He says all the right things.  All the things you want need to hear.   

And before you both have finished drinking your drink, you've created this entire movie montage in your head: courtship, proposal, wedding, honeymoon, big house, 2 kids, maybe a dog, growing old (surrounded by grand kids), until you both die on the same day holding hands, like that couple you read about in that yahoo article.  

You exchange numbers.  He says he'll call you. 

And then you wait.

And wait.  And then you decide to call, only to get his voicemail.  So you leave a message.

And wait some more.  And you call again because maybe he lost your number, or didn't save it into his phone properly or accidently deleted your voicemail where you left your number again.  So you leave another voicemail and wait...

Until you realize the phone call you've pinned all your dreams on, is never going to happen. He's not The One.  And the promises made during that brief encounter, were nothing but words.

So was it good for you?  If so, play along! 

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