Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Words With: The Domestic Goddess

AW: What was your first reaction to your child's diagnosis?
D Goddess: It was, "SEE? I TOLD YOU SO!" Because I insisted they were autistic and no one would listen to me. Sometimes they still don't.
AW: What was your defining moment of acceptance?
D Goddess: Acceptance? I was crying in bed one night and I said to my husband, "What are we going to do if they ARE autistic?" And he said,"We'll do the same thing we're doing now. Raise them. Love them. Let them be kids."  It was pretty profound.

AW: What inspired you to start your blog?  
D Goddess: I started my blog because I was a SAHM, I was having issues with depression and my kids were having developmental issues. I needed an outlet, a friend suggested a blog as a way to vent, some cheap therapy. It was/is very therapeutic! I have no regrets.

AW: What has been your most rewarding aspect of being special needs writer/advocate?
D Goddess: The  most rewarding aspect to me is when someone asks me for help or tells me "WOW! I have that problem, too! I never thought of doing that!"  Even if one person is help in one tiny, minuscule way, I feel like I am helping just a teensy bit. that makes me proud.

AW: What advice would you offer parents of recently diagnosed children?
D Goddess: Autism or special needs does not equal a death sentence. Your child is STILL your child. They are still exquisitly beautiful, deserving of respect and love.  Your experience is what you make it.  So suck it up, deal with it and go on living. Sure your life will be different but different is good. This is NOT a boring life. Who wants to be bored anyway?

AW: Feelings on diagnosis in 6 words or less. 
D Goddess: Tool to get what kids need.


The Domestic Goddess has also contributed to the Through the Looking Glass (TTLG) series: 

Marj Hatzell, otherwise known as The Domestic Goddess, is a Domestic Engineer, Total Babe and SAHM to two boys with autism, ADHD, OCD and a variety of other acronyms. She was a band geek in high school, lives vicariously through computers and prefers dogs to people, which means she has STELLAR social skills.

Her writing has also been featured in  The Stir, 5 Minutes for Special Needs, Thinking Person's Guide to Autism and of course, her very own blog, thedgoddess.com.

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