Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poop Happens while Potty Training

We've been potty training the boy for quite some time. And every time I say he's potty trained a major accident occurs.

I've been washing out poop underwear all weekend long. Some days, I just throw them out but it's getting to the point where he may not have any underwear left. Usually I can catch him and run him to the bathroom before it gets ugly. Today however, he made it to the bathroom all on his. I found him sitting on the toilet holding one square of toilet paper.

"I'll clean it," he says. He's smiling, looking proud of himself and crumpling the toilet paper in his hands.  "Good job," he says. I forgot to say it. I'm too busy scrubbing his hands with a wipe - the last thing we need is pink eye.  (Yuck - I'll pass on that. Thanks!)

His shorts and underwear are on the floor - in need of a serious rinse.  It's the second accident of the day. I pick them up, tempted to throw them away and then I realize they are brand new. And who the hell am I to throw away a brand new pair of Spider Man undies?


  1. I complete feel your pain...I've had to double the amount of Alex undies in order to keep up with the poopie race track...Gross.

  2. I write abour poo waaaaaaay too often. I feel for you!

  3. Only when you become a mom does poop become a part of the every day conversation. I talk to my mother at least once a day and every conversation she asks me "Did Norrin make?" - My mom keeps track on her kitchen calendar of when he poops. Don't you love that?

  4. I agree-A new pair of spiderman underwear is a serious thing! :) Absolutely loved your description of him sitting there with "One Square" of toilet paper heehee. Hang in there..I think out of all the things I have done with my kids potty training is the most challenging..

    I saw your profile and other blog..Made me homesick! I was born on Long Island and lived for many years in Queens. They filmed "A bronx Tale" in my neighborhood. :)

  5. I would not have thrown those underwear away either haha. I love that it is just so normal to us moms to deal with poop.

  6. LOL so funny! I can remember those days!
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