Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weary Wednesday

I wake up tired on Wednesdays. Just thinking about the length of my day.

I wake at 5 am.  Walk out around 7.  Work till one. Run to the D train and wait.  Impatiently. Run all the way down Fordham Road.  Have you tried doing this on a weekday afternoon?  It is a stroller parade. Get to Norrin's school with 5 minutes to spare.  This afternoon, Norrin and the teacher assistant were in the hallway - waiting.  

Grab Norrin by the hand.  We walk back up Fordham and wait for the 22 bus.  Get off the 22 bus to the 10 bus.  We arrive the sensory gym 30 minutes early.  And we wait.  Then it's a two hour OT session.  I sit in the waiting room.  Reading my book.  Chatting with other moms.  Our conversations are always interrupted.  Stopping to listen for our child's cry.

And then it's over.  Joseph picks us up and we detour to Trader Joe's.  We walk in before 8.  And I wash dishes.  Cook.  Eat. Wash more dishes.  While Joseph puts Norrin to bed.  And I'm ready for bed.  But there's just a few more things left to do.  There is no rest for the weary.


  1. Keep it up! Hard as it may be, there's nothing we won't do for our children. Sometimes we have to wonder if they know how much we love them, but we know how much we love them. You're one of the Super Moms and you're doing a great job! *pats on back*

  2. Its all worth it and keeps you fit!

  3. Thank you both for the support! I was just so tired yesterday but I wanted to write so it just came out in the post.

    And yes - it sure does! Who has time to eat? :D

  4. Definitely worth it. You're still my hero!! love ya!


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