Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Appreciation, Rejuvenation: A Mommy Moment in AutismWonderland

You thank your child's team of therapists and teachers.  You profusely thank the person who offers their seat on the subway.  You thank the person who bags your groceries or pumps your gas.  You even thank your kids for eating  with no fuss or your baby for not squirming during a public bathroom Pamper change.  Your days are filled with thanks...for everyone else.

But when was the last time someone offered thanks for you?  Parents and caretakers are often forgotten, happily performing a thankless job day after day, hour after hour, second after second.
Pampers, partnered with Bethenny Frankel, have just launched its Gifts to Grow Incentive Program.  The program is Pampers way of saying, Thank You.  Recognizing all the unsung heroes who are committed to providing the very best for their babies and families.  With each Pampers purchase, points are accrued and redeemable for other desired products (educational toys, books) or charitable donations. 

To celebrate the Gifts to Grow kick-off, Pampers and Bethenny hosted a Mom Rejuvenation Day at Oasis Day Spa on Park Avenue.  For a mom who doesn't know how to relax or take a moment out for myself - this was an absolutely wonderful treat.  After a much needed massage (my very first!) and manicure, I relaxed for a bit with Bethenny.  

Bethenny stated that Pampers is a “superior” brand and it’s the “best product” for her daughter Bryn.  As for the baby wipes - they are multi-functional.  Bethenny uses them on “everything from the kitchen counter to my baby’s bottom to removing my under eye make-up.”  To be rewarded for purchasing high-quality products, she says, is a “win-win!”

with Bethenny

I couldn't agree more!  Since The Boy was born, I've been devoted to Pampers products. As a mom of a special needs child (and CUNY grad student), I spend a lot of money on my family and budgeting is always an issue.  Given the economy, I think it’s amazing that Pampers is giving back, truly appreciating the every day unsung heroes.  Gifts to Grow makes it possible to afford a trusted product without the burden of sacrifice.

Registration for Gifts to Grow is easy - just log on to www.pampers.com and click on the Gifts to Grow link.  The wonderful rewards are worth it.  

*The services were complimentary; expressed opinions are yours truly.

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  1. Thanks Jill! Glad to have met you in the locker room!


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