Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Tree I See - A Story Book App

The Tree I See 
Written by Robert J Mascarelli, Illustrations by Frank Grau
available on Itunes:
The Tree I See is an Aridan Interactive storybook app for young children and has been recognized as an Editors Favorite App.

Written by Robert J. Mascarelli, a Neurosurgery Physician Assistant, he was inspired to write The Tree I See because he "believed a children’s book should ‘give back’ to those who use it, in this case - the children." 
The moral of the story:  All of us will encounter a dark moment during our lifetime, but it is important to remember that loved ones will remain nearby in our hearts, minds, and memories, whether visible or invisible.  As the light shines through, we realize that our loved ones will never leave us and stay by our side through any difficult time we may encounter. The story illustrates this valuable life lesson as the main character forms friendships with animals of the wilderness. (source)
As an avid reader and lover of literature, I truly enjoy reading with The Boy. And story book apps, really bring stories to life. The Boy loves The Tree I See. It's written in a clear and simple language. The illustrations are fun and bright enough to capture his interest but not too complex for him to be overwhelmed. 

The Tree I See is cute and sweet storybook app and I think it's great tool to build language, improve fine motor skills (pointing) and social interactions. 
Storyline: Watch as a young boy bears witness to a tree who constantly gives and shares unconditionally with friends of the wilderness.  Your child will learn how friendships are formed by sharing with others.  Observe how our young tree overcomes a dark moment in his life and transforms into a brilliant, vibrant, multicolored tree – full of life and happiness.  Our story is for infants, toddlers, and children of all ages – offering an interactive experience for all. (source)

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