Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Reality of the Latino Vote

Are you wondering about the breakdown of the Latino vote?

There's been a lot of media coverage about why Latinos voted for Obama. I mean, I know why I voted for him.

I live in The Bronx - a borough with a significant Latino population. And on Election Day, The Husband, The Boy and I went out to vote as a family. (Don't worry, there was no voter fraud funny business - The Boy didn't vote.) And when we reached our polling site, the line wrapped all around the block. (It was pretty cold that night. I wasn't wearing socks.)

There was a guy who came behind us and was annoyed by the length of the line. He said something about it being bad. And The Husband turned around and was like "Are you kidding? This is great! Every election should be like this."

The Husband is right. (I may live to regret writing those words.) EVERY single election should have the same turn out. We should always have to wait on block long lines to vote - not only every four years. 

Because when Latinos show up at the polls - we are a force to be reckoned with. There is power in numbers people. The GOV better recognize!

So how did Latinos vote? Check out LATISM's cool infograph breakdown:

Latinos Unidos Jamas Seran Vencidos 

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