Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank You Margot Condon: One of the NICU Nurses Who Saved The Lives of 20 Infants During #HurricaneSandy #InspireCare

While at the LATISM 2012 conference I had the privilege of being sponsored by  Johnson & Johnson.

While in the J&J suite bloggers had the opportunity to learn about  the inspiring J&J initiatives. What I liked most about the J&J suite was that they encouraged bloggers to really think about the people in their everyday lives.
#JnJ Suite ~ LATISM12

Johnson & Johnson is a company who is committed to:
  • Saving and Improving Lives 
    • Healthy Babies Are Worth The Wait: "The Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute, L.L.C. partners with the March of Dimes and the Kentucky Department for Public Health on Healthy Babies Are Worth the WaitSM, a three-year prematurity prevention initiative to demonstrate a reduction in preventable preterm births in targeted geographies in Kentucky."
  • Building Health Care Capacity
    • A Legacy of Supporting Nurses: Johnson & Johnson's "support programs promoting the nursing profession and provide leadership and development opportunities to further the field. In Africa, we teach student nurses basic skills in surgery, trauma and midwifery. In the U.S., we manage a campaign to educate the public about careers in nursing. Nurses from around the world learn about essential business management techniques through programs we support."
  • Preventing Diseases
    • Healthy Land, Healthy People: Johnson & Johnson's "“Healthy Communities, Healthy Ecosystems” partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) links healthy environment and the health of local people. “Supporting the health of local communities enables these communities to sustainably manage the natural resources base on which they depend,” said Katarina Trojnar, corporate relations officer at WWF."
(For more J&J inspiring initiatives click HERE)

For me the most thought provoking activities in the J&J suite were: What Inspires You? and Write a letter to a Health Care Provider That Made a Difference in Your Life.

I really didn't need to think too hard about who/what inspires me.

And as far as health care providers that made a difference in our life - that came easily too. Immediately I thought about The Boy's Early Intervention years and the two women who worked with The Boy.  

But days later, I found myself inspired by a woman I never met, whose name I didn't know - a health care provider who didn't make a difference in my life.

It was early Tuesday morning, a few hours after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, and I was watching CNN. Since I was stranded in Texas due to the storm, I was up most of the night, glued to the news. And that's when the image of a woman came on the screen. She was being wheeled out of NYU Hospital, an bundled infant cradled in her arms.

The hospital had lost its power, in the middle of a hurricane and the patients had to be evacuated. The woman holding the baby was a nurse in the NICU and the baby - only 8 hours old - needed air pumped into his tiny lungs. Margot Condon not only walked down dark flights of stairs with a newborn in her arms, but she manually pumped air into his lungs so that he stay alive.  

There are people in this world, who wake up every morning and simply go to  work. They perform a job. And then there are people who wake up every morning and make a difference. It's more than just a job. They care. They provide a service. They save lives.

Margot Condon is a woman who makes a difference. THANK YOU! You are an inspiration.

While she didn't make a direct impact in my life, Margot Condon, changed my mindset regarding all health care providers. And I will never take them for granted again. Because I will never know when/if they may be solely responsible for a life that I love.

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