Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Things You'll Find In My Home (Autism Edition)

It's been a while since I've linked up with my favorite Northwest Mommy who has an affinity for punch buggies.  This Monday Stasha's asking us to take a look around our place. So here's my list of things you'll find in my home and if you're a special needs mom, you'll probably have these too. 

1. A Bosu. It's usually smack dab in the living room. It's supposed to be for The Boy but sometimes we use it too. Try balancing on that thing after a few glasses of vino. 

2. A weighted vest. Though we've had it forever, we'll need to replace it soon.   

3. A scooter board. Which is interesting because we live in an apartment. And when we use it, we use it in the hallway. Oh yes, we are totally capable of being those neighbors

4. Playdough. I have to hide it from The Boy otherwise he'll mash all the colors together into one big puke colored blob and that drives me crazy. So I don't keep it in his room, I bury them in places throughout the apartment and then forget where I put them. I have been know to find playdough in my underwear drawer.

5. Legos. It's super fun, when I stumble on them at 2 am! 

6. Flash cards. We have them for almost everything.

7. A Calendar. He currently has one date only in mind.

8. A huge plastic bin full Thomas crap Trains. Which is also stored in the living room. 
Which means (check all that apply): 
(a) The Boy has too many toys 
(b) I need more space 
(c) I think Thomas the Train adds to the decor or 
(c) I better be careful before I find myself oh Hoaders

9. A seat disk.  We actually have two. (You may need to rethink your answers in #8.)

10. This little wooden boat. It may be broken in two pieces but I just stick it back together and put it back on The Boy's book shelf. The Husband and The Boy had a great time putting it together. I guess I could just frame the photo, but that's not the same thing. 

So...your turn. Watchu got? 

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