Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Boy Loves His Grandparents (9/9/12 Grandparents Day)

I don't  know where I would be without the help of my mother. She plays such an important part in my life - in The Boy's life. Their relationship is really special. And I am not sure what I love watching more - The Boy's face lighting up when he sees my mother or my mother's when she sees The Boy.

Today is National Grandparents Day. I have not seen my parents today but I know, I don't need a day to celebrate them or appreciate them.

I often come home and find my mother reading to my son, in a quiet patient voice; a voice that I don’t recall hearing as a child.  There is a small part of me that feels jealous, almost slighted because my mother never read to me.  On days when my son’s therapist cancels a session, I’ll come home and find my mother and son sitting at the table in his room and they are working on fine motor skills like stringing beads or rolling out play dough.  I hear her singing to him and her voice is always playful and sweet.  Don’t get me wrong – she scolds him, but even when she does it’s not the same as when she scolded me. 

I love watching my mother and son together – the bond they have is special.  
For more on my mother as Abuela (grandmother) click HERE
My parents, letting The Boy do as he wants. And they LOVE IT!

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