Saturday, February 25, 2012

10 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Cleaning The House

I know it's not Monday; it's Saturday, I'm sick and I can't sleep.  And since I'm useless on the sofa and I've been wanting to link up on Stasha's blog for the longest time.  Here it is:  

10 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Cleaning The House  Apartment 

10. Pay bills

9.  Pin new cleaning products on Pinterest  

8.  Watch Cars 2  

7.  Rewrite The Boy's IEP goals  

6.  Call my insurance company to follow up on a claim

5.  Fold laundry (while sitting on sofa watching TV)

4.  Watch HGTV (even though I don't have a home or a garden)

3.  Drinking a glass of wine, while eating some fabulous cheese while watching any Twilight movie. 

2. Work on my Jedi mind tricks (so that The Husband will clean) 

1. Excercise (or at least putting on my workout clothes and psyche myself into excericing but will most likely default to 5, 4 or 3.)

What would YOU rather do than clean? 

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