Monday, April 18, 2011

Will Talk for Books

The Boy loves Barnes & Nobles.  So yesterday after lunch at City Island we decide (at The Boy's request) to head to Co-Op City.

This Barnes & Nobles revamped the kids section and it's a pretty cool place to hang out. There's a whole Thomas the Train section.  A Leap Frog wall.  A Spongebob wall. A Crayola wall.  Over stimulating much?

As soon as we walk in, The Boy is flapping with excitement and even though I'm holding his hand, he's trying really hard to wriggle free.  

The Boy gravitates to all the books he loves (and has): The Cat in the Hat, Chica Chica Boom Boom, Dinosaurs Love Underpants. But I like to introduce new books.  Because seriously, how many times can one read Green Eggs and Ham.

And then we see this book - Mater's Treasure of Tall Tales.  And walking out of the store without it, seems impossible.  And it's all he can talk about while we're in the store. I decide to buy it and save it for his Easter basket. Foolishly I believe he will forget about me buying it. So to make sure he doesn't get to it - I leave it in the car. And as soon as we walk in the apartment...

The Boy: Mommy I want the Moon Mater book please.

Me:  I left that book at the store.

The Boy:  It's in the car.  We have to go to the car.  For the Moon Mater book.  It's in the bag.

Me: No. That book is in the store.

The Boy: Let's go to the store.  Let's go to the store to buy the book.  We have to buy Moon Mater book.

Me: Really?  Do you have money to buy it?

The Boy: Yes. I do.

Me: Where? Show me.

The Boy walks over to my purse and unzips it. 

The Boy:  It's right here - in your bag.  Let's go to the store and buy the Moon Mater book.

Do you realize how tempted I was to go back out to the car to give him the book? What will your kid talk for?        

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