Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Madness

So it's been a crazy week and while I've had plenty to blog about (and I will blog about it - later this week), I have been running around like a maniac.  Between work, home, graduate school, and Turning 5 - I'm pretty much done.  By the time my day is over, I'm beyond physically tired.  I'm mentally exhausted.  Truth be told - Turning 5 is kicking my ass.  This process has been extremely difficult. Emotionally, physically, mentally and financially draining.  The DOE is like a vampire slowly sucking my blood, draining me dry.  In the last eight days, I've had at least four major break downs.

Am I asking the right questions? Touring the right schools? Filling out enough applications?

Did they get our application?  Why haven't they called?

Is Norrin what they're looking for?

Do I really need a lawyer?

Will I have the money to pay for a lawyer?

What will happen?

Will it all just work out?  I am sure it will.  But some certainty would be nice.

The thing with Turning 5 is that you only have so much control over what's going to happen.  And I'm scared.

But - GOOD NEWS! - we had our CPSE annual review and I went in well prepared to fight for continuation of services.  (Our CPSE administrator said home-based SEIT hours may be reduced from 10 to 4.)  So I had my evals highlighted, pages tabbed.  I created an agenda, ready to drop "as per Section 200. 13..."  Before I could get to any of that, I heard "all services remain the same." Sweet Victory!

And we've already interviewed with the school of my dreams.  We've had our CPSE annual review.  We've spoken with a few lawyers.  I've toured my first of five District 75 public schools.  I attempted to register for kindergarten (at my zone public school - even though I know he cannot function in a typically classroom). We have another school interview coming up.  AND, our Turning 5 meeting is coming up.  The mother of all meetings.  So for the next few weeks, blog posts, may be short and sweet. 


  1. Keep up your good work! Hard as hell, but so worth it once all is said and done. You can do it; you're a special-needs mom, which means you're a special MOM!

  2. I like your comment "The DOE is like a vampire slowly sucking my blood, draining me dry." not because I like the situation, but because I have never heard a parent say that about the DOE, even though I've met many parents who deal with the same thing. Hang in there, you're doing the right thing. Things will get better. They have to.


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