Friday, May 10, 2013

How He Feels and Why He Loves Me

Yes, kids with autism can feel. 

The Boy has been fascinated with feelings lately. He's always asking how I'm feeling. He recognizes when I'm happy, sad or angry. And when I'm sad or angry, he always tries to make me feel better. 

But feelings are still complex for Norrin to understand and he's been working on them in school. He put together this book at his wonderful school and it was so cute and sweet, I wanted to share.

Here's what makes me happy: I go on the bus to go home

Here's what makes me mad: When I knock over the blocksHere's what makes me sad: I cut dad's hair

Here's what makes me laugh (it really makes me glad): Splashing water
I feel confused when I am sad

And this is my beautiful Mother's Day gift - I love it!
I love mommy because:
She dances with me
She gives me presents
She loves me
She's funny
I like to hug and kiss her
She takes me to the park

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