Saturday, April 6, 2013

Autism Awareness TOMS by Pear Mama for AutismWonderland

I was going to post this tomorrow but I honestly can't wait! When I picked them up from the post office this morning, I walked out, ripped open the box and changed my shoes in the street. (Oh yes, I did.)

Who painted these beautiful TOMS? 

Between us, I have a bit of a girl crush on this super artsy, super craftsy, super fabulous Latina Cali blogger. I love love love her blog, her voice, her DIY designs that I know I'll never make - because I am not craftsy. At all. 

And when I saw she makes custom-painted TOMS, I knew I needed a pair for Autism Awareness Month. So if you're interested in a pair - Denise aka Pear Mama is the go-to gal! 
For more info on her custom-painted shoes click HERE.     

Disclaimer: I happily paid the going rate for these shoes. All gushing is genuine, all opinions are my own.   

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