Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's a Curious George Dance Contest!

In my younger years, I loved going out dancing.  Every Friday, Saturday night and even a few nights during the week.  These days, instead of dancing to DJ Camilo, I'm dancing to whatever The Boy is into.

We're in a Curious George phase right now.  The books, the DVDs, the TV show.  And that theme song?  The Boy can play it over and over again.  I find myself humming along at random times of the day.  It almost makes me regret showing him how to use the remote control.

Almost.  Curious George was one of my childhood favorites and I like that we share that common bond.   I get a kick out of watching The Boy enjoy a good song and singing along.  And I love watching him dance.  Though he doesn't do it consistently.  

Sometimes, The Husband and I will dance around the apartment and ask The Boy to look at us.  We use exaggerated movements and laugh to show The Boy that dancing is fun. Sometimes we'll grab The Boy by the hand and ask him to dance with us.  Sometimes The Boy will dance.  Sometimes, he'll push us away.  It doesn't matter.  We keep trying.     

So when The Boy dances on his own, without any kind of bribery prompting, it's a pretty big deal.  And he's doing it more often.  

Dancing is great exercise and movement for all children, but music and dancing have real benefits for autistic children.  I know it's definitely helped The Boy - in terms of language, imagination, coordination and socialization.  And so, we try to encourage The Boy to dance whenever possible.  

Curious George is encouraging dance too - with a contest!  And who doesn't love a good dance contest?

So here's the gist of it: 
Send in a video* of your kid grooving to the Curious George theme song* by April 2, 2012

A panel of judges will select 10 finalists (videos) based on enthusiasm, creativity, and originality. Let your kids get as wonderous, curious and marvelous as they wanna be!  

The Top 10 videos will  be posted online and Curious George fans can vote to select the grand prize winner.  Voting will take place between April 16 thru April 30, 2012.

The winning video will be included in a Curious George DVD and the grand prize winner will be announced in May 2012. The grand prize winner will also receive a Curiosity Kit (see below) may even get a visit from Curious George himself.  The Top 1o finalists will also receive a Curiosity Kit prize. 
CG (R) & (C) 2012 Universal Studios and/or HMH. All Rights Reserved. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
*There are video requirements and you will need to download the Curious George theme song.  There are also rules and a submission form.  So for more information and to officially enter the contest please visit
CG (R) & (C) 2012 Universal Studios and/or HMH. All Rights Reserved. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and WGBH.  All thoughts, opinions and love for Curious George and dance are my own.

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