Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Thing About Christmas (Part 2)

Earlier this week, I wrote about Christmas, explaining Santa Claus and The Boy.

We had our office holiday party this week and for some strange reason, that's the party that always puts me in the spirit of Christmas.  

Maybe it's the decorations.  Maybe it's the way The Boy smiles when seeing some Christmasy stuff.

Last night The Boy sang to me, "We wish you a Merry Christmas."  They're having a Christmas concert at The Boy's school next week.  

Tomorrow we'll put up our Christmas tree.  Maybe we'll bake some cookies.  We'll put on some holiday music.  And watch Charlie Brown's Christmas (again).    

I know explaining Christmas to an autistic child is challenging.  I know that The Boy doesn't really understand it.  But I do know that he enjoys some aspects of it.  And that's what I want to focus on and encourage. 

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