the LITTLE things are a BIG deal

the LITTLE things are a BIG deal
a motivational blog meme

When you are a parent of a special needs child, you quickly learn that the LITTLE things are a BIG deal.  It may be a first clap, wave or word.  There is no such thing as a small accomplishment.  And nothing is taken for granted.
I will never forget the first time The Boy pointed his finger.  It had taken weeks of ABA therapy and crying and resistance.  But the first time The Boy pointed his finger independently, we (the therapist, me, my mother & The Husband) were all home and we jumped up and down, smothering The Boy with kisses and praise. 

Had it not been for autism, I may not have recalled the day The Boy first pointed his finger.  

But you don't need to be a special needs blog writer to link up.  We all have LITTLE things that are a BIG deal.   In our home, we celebrate everything.  And I want to celebrate your "little" things here.

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