Sunday, February 2, 2014

#EverythingIsAwesome about The LEGO Movie

Disclaimer: I was provided with passes to The LEGO Movie screening. All opinions are my own. 

When we first saw the preview for The LEGO Movie, The Boy said "I want to see that in the movie theater." Which was a really big deal for because we really go to the movies, and The Boy rarely expresses what he wants to see in theaters.

Going to the movies used to be a huge challenge for us. Over this last year, The Boy has gotten better and we've learned how to prepare

So The LEGO Movie. 

We are HUGE LEGO fans. And it was so cool to see our favorite Lego characters (and new ones) and scenes come to life. Fun and action packed, The LEGO Movie is a perfect family film as it appeals to kids and adults. 

What The Husband Loved: The Husband is a fan of Ray Harry Hausen and Rankin and Bass, The LEGO Movie was nostalgic of the Stop Motion features he grew up watching.

What The Boy Loved: The Boy loved all the fast-paced, action sequences. Some of the talking went over his head and he didn't get all of the humor. But he liked watching it. He did get antsy at point and I knew to take him out and walk him around. (This also caused me to miss what The Husband called "The best part of the movie…" ***spoiler alert*** it involved Lando Calrissian.

What I Loved: The LEGO Movie goes beyond being a fun film, it's a movie with a message and for me that was the real appeal. It also surprised me. There was a twist toward the end that I never saw coming which just made the movie all the more special. 

Whether you're a lover of LEGO or not, The LEGO movie will dare you to live your life more creatively.  

The LEGO Movie opens in theaters on February 7th. 

On February 15 at 10 am, there will be a Sensory Friendly Viewing of The LEGO Movie - for more details visit: 

With The Boy waiting for The LEGO Movie to begin!

Disclaimer: I was provided with passes to The LEGO Movie screening. All opinions are my own. 

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