Monday, December 10, 2012

Show Someone You Care When They're Sick #KleenexSWS

It wasn't often that I was sick enough that my mother kept me home from school. But when she did, I enjoyed every moment of it. I got her full attention. I got to lay in her bed and watch TV. She brushed my hair back, pressing a cool washcloth over my face. She made her special chicken soup and served me tall glasses of ginger ale with crushed ice. 

The Boy is a pretty healthy kid and it's rare that I keep him home from school. But when I do - it's really tough. Because he can't tell me what's wrong. I have to guess. 

But as hard as it is seeing him sick, I sort of like it. Not like that he's sick. But there's a small part of me that likes that he needs me. I like that, for a few hours, he slows down. He'll lay in my lap and let me read a story without getting up once. And the first time The Boy spontaneously said I love you - was when he was sick.

And those times when he's so sick, he won't get up out of bed and I have to sit him up and hold a cup of juice with crushed ice to his mouth, helping him drink. As I press a cool washcloth over his head, I hope he gets better. Because while I like that he slows down long enough to need me, it hurts to see him helpless. 

As mom's we want to provide comfort to our loved ones they're sick. And part of that comfort is using a soft tissue. 

That's why I love Kleenex tissues. Because when someone sick and sneezing - who wants to blow their nose with sand paper? I was really excited to receive my share pack in the mail. Since I already have my supply of tissues at home for The Boy, I'm taking my share pack to the office and sharing with my coworkers. Because you never you know when someone will need a soft tissue to ease their comfort and make them feel better.   

Would love to send you a share pack! Leave a comment below telling me how you show someone you care when they're sick.

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