Friday, August 31, 2012

Two Truths and a Lie

Inspired by two fabulous bloggers Unknown Mami & Mrs. 4444

I've never played Two Truths and a Lie before. And since it's the Friday of Labor Day Weekend, I figured why not do something a little different.    

Instructions: Within each round choose which 1 of the 3 statements you think is a lie. (2 out of 3 wins*) 

Round 1 (The Celebrity Game):
  1. Tracy Morgan asked me out on a date while I was standing on street corner waiting for The Husband (who, at the time,  was The Boyfriend)
  2. I approached Derek Jeter at a club on a dare, unaware of who he was.
  3. I walked by Johnny Depp on the street and had no idea it was him.
Round 2 (The Book Game)
  1. I believe Fifty Shades of Gray is grossly underrated. 
  2. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn was the first book that inspired me to write.
  3. I read Chances by Jackie Collins when I was in the 4th grade. 
Round3 (The Autism/Special Needs Game)
  1. I cc'd President Obama on a letter to the DOE regarding The Boy's services.
  2. I believe in the New York City Public Education System.
  3. I saw The Boy's teacher doing shots at a bar after she ran out of his Annual Review Meeting because she was sick. - Remember to let yourself relax this Labor Day before letting yourself go this winter

Round 1: 3
Round 2: 1
Round 3: 1 

Got 2 out 3 right?! CONGRATULATIONS!  YOU WIN!

I'm sorry.  You don't really win anything except a GREAT JOB!  YOU WON! YAY! 

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